A selection of Logo designs 
OSAN — Concept Development and Visual identity for Osan inspired by the gusto and roundness of the Citrus. Citrus outline has been explored here as the logomark. 
 Osan in Yoruba language means Orange and the logomark O not only signifies this but also creates a recognisable brand detail. The identity has been informed by Yoruba folklore with elements from the culture explored. 

The Osan identity is a perfect fit for a
cosmopolitan restaurant informed by a rich cultural appreciation.
Brand Identity CONCEPT AND DESIGN for OSAN Restaurant 
Website Design and Asset Development for The Thread Group
Brand identity for @twentysix.co, a womenswear brand and recipient of the YOU.ME.RESET call earlier in the year by @the.blackpepperstudio to assist small businesses with their most pressing visual needs.

Twentysix brand identity has been developed to embody a fresh take on craftsmanship and thoughtful detailing coined from the brand’s ethos.

The full logo presents a seamless and
refined identity for Twentysix across all touch points from print to online. The logomark, a literal representation of the number 26, is rounded and enclosed to give a timeless appeal. The stroke on the 2 is removed to make you take a closer look emphasising the brand’s attention to details.

The pattern designs were developed as an extension of the logo to amplify the identity while creating more opportunities to utilise the design across a wide use of applications. Though not used in replacement of the logo, the patterns allow for instant memorability that is both effortless and distinct.

Rich and
vibrant colours were equally introduced to further present a confident and expressive identity altogether.
Brand Identity DESIGN for Twentysix
Brand Identity DESIGN for LOHN
LOHN - Identity redesign for Lohn Lagos, a luxury fragrance brand bringing high end perfumery into the world of home fragrance in Nigeria. The Lohn identity redesign has been developed to emphasise Lohn’s positioning as a premium made in Nigeria brand.

The logoword,
deliberate in its lettering evokes perfection, exclusivity and precision capturing the essence of Lohn.
Brand identity for @nutmegnginger bakery bent on indulging your senses. The main logo design imagines using a rolling pin, a classic baking equipment to roll out simple typography resulting in the slight text warp effect.

Other baking equipment have been used here to create
brand icons that can translate into any brand asset from stickers to postcards to wrapping paper.

The dynamism of the icons and
colours makes it very flexible to be used across a number of medium without being too monotonous.

Brand Identity design for NUTMEG & GINGER  bakery
Business Card Identity For THE THREAD GROUP
Poster Concept and Design for NŌK by ALÁRA
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